Minaxi are an alternative rock band from Brooklyn. Consisting of songwriters Shrenik Ganatra, Liam Christian and drummer Steve Carlin, Minaxi's sound combines elements from psychedelia, shoegazing, dream pop, hard rock and sufi. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of music that includes Hindustani pop, Pakistani rock, sufi, jazz and 80s/90s guitar-driven rock from the United Kingdom and United States, Minaxi's music blends cultures and tones alike.

Some of the artists/bands Minaxi and are inspired by, and love listening to, include The Smashing Pumpkins, Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Jal, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, A.R. Rahman, Strings, Junoon, Radiohead, Hania Rani, Jimmy Chamberlin Complex, The Cure, LSD and the Search for God, Lucky Ali, David Bowie, Dinosaur Jr., The Beatles, Red House Painters and Mammal Hands.

Minaxi released their debut full-length album Khwab in March 2020. The band is currently in the process of releasing music from their The Zia Fantasy trilogy of EPs. Minaxi's music appears in Rolling Stone India, Bands do Brooklyn, Look at my Records!, The Deli Magazine, Rock Street Journal and Creative Boom.