Zidd (EP)
Released June, 2019
Genres: Alternative Rock, Indie Rock
Languages: English, Hindi
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"EP standout In The Blur hits all the right notes; grungy vox, heavy effects, and the right amount of somber sweetness to induce a healthy degree of ennui."
The Deli Magazine

I'm Living a Little In My Dreams

Zidd is Minaxi's debut extended play and a prequel to the band's LP Khwab. Love, Love and Saturnine showcase the heavier side of the band while In The Blur briefly taps into the dreamy elements that Minaxi wholly embraces in the latter. The remix version of the song Zidd hints at the band's penchant for techno and dance music. The EP does not have an inherent concept. Instead, it is meant to be an expression of the different sounds one can expect in a Minaxi record.

Track Listing

︎ Love, Love (Version 1)
︎ Saturnine (Version 1)
︎ Zidd (Remix)
︎ In The Blur (Alternate Version)


All songs written by Shrenik Ganatra.
Drums by Andrew Coral.
Bass by Liam Christian.
Guitars, Vocals and Additional Instrumentation by Shrenik Ganatra.

Recorded and Engineered by Patrick Hunt. Produced by Patrick Hunt and Shrenik Ganatra.
Mixed by Shrenik Ganatra.

Guitars, Bass, Vocals and Additional Instrumentation by Shrenik Ganatra and Liam Christian.

Design and Creative Direction by Shrenik Ganatra.

©2020 Minaxi.
Minaxi are Shrenik Ganatra, Steve Carlin and Liam Christian.