Luna (EP)
Released June, 2020
Genres: Alternative Rock, Shoegaze, Dream Pop, Sufi
Languages: English, Hindi
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"Theresa builds off of some of the towering peaks the band scaled on their recently released debut album, Khwab. With a flowing, dream-like rush of guitars and percussion, the song’s trajectory is enveloping, slowly tugging you into a deep pool of aural delights."
Thomas Gallo, Look at my Records!

Am I Living a Fantasy?

Luna is the opening EP from The Zia Fantasy trilogy. The concept-driven series invites the listener on a journey that carries one through normalcy, darkness and eventually into the (divine) light. Written and recorded during the initial months of the pandemic, these songs are the band's reflection on and artistic expression of the zeitgeist of 2020.

The EP is both a departure from and sonic extension of Minaxi's preceding body of work. Songs like Theresa and Thistle Toe showcase Minaxi's textural and melodic capabilities, while It's Got Me taps into the dynamics of the band's sound culminating in a cathartic, noise-laden feedback. The sufi influence is evident in the 7-minute, vocal-led closer, Naina. The atmospheric mix of the Indian raaga and shoegazey reverb consummates the narrative arc of Luna.

Track Listing

︎ Theresa
︎ Thistle Toe
︎ It's Got Me
︎ Naina


Theresa and Naina written by Shrenik Ganatra.
Thistle Toe and It's Got Me written by Liam Christian.

Recorded, Performed and Produced by Minaxi.
Mixed by Patrick Hunt.

Guitars, Bass, Vocals and Additional Instrumentation by Shrenik Ganatra and Liam Christian.

Design and Creative Direction by Shrenik Ganatra.

©2020 Minaxi.
Minaxi are Shrenik Ganatra, Steve Carlin and Liam Christian.