Khwab (LP)
Released March, 2020
Genres: Alternative Rock, Shoegaze, Indie Rock
Languages: English, Hindi
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"Is there a little bit of Mumbai in Indian-origin shoegaze band Minaxi’s new album Khwab or is it more an indication of how common environments are in metropolises all over the world?"
Anurag Tagat, Rolling Stone India

This Is Just a Dream

Khwab is the debut studio album by the alternative rock band Minaxi. The sound on the album combines elements from psychedelia, shoegazing, hard rock, dream pop and sufi. Khwab draws on the themes of love, loss, freedom, faith, home, self-respect, rage, beauty, angst, nostalgia, fate, laughter, courage and dreams.

With a combination of melodies, wall-of-guitar feedback, ethereal textures and lyrics penned in English and Hindi, the album is intended to carry the listener through a sonic dream that flows from one end of the spectrum to another.

Track Listing

︎ Love, Love
︎ Stargazer
︎ Zidd
︎ Saturnine
︎ Moist
︎ Last Night
︎ Ishq
︎ In The Blur
︎ Ae Khuda
︎ Belladonna


All songs by Shrenik Ganatra.
Performed by Minaxi.
Produced by Patrick Hunt and Shrenik Ganatra.
Recorded and Engineered in Baltimore by Patrick Hunt.
Mixed by Shrenik Ganatra. 

Drums by Andrew Coral.
Bass by Liam Christian.
Guitars, Vocals and Additional Instrumentation by Shrenik Ganatra.

Album Art Photography by Mark Laubenheimer, featuring Becca Tauscher and Laura Taylor
Design and Creative Direction by Shrenik Ganatra. 

©2020 Minaxi. 
Minaxi are Shrenik Ganatra, Steve Carlin and Liam Christian.

A big thank you to all our moms, friends, supporters, collaborators and every single soul who has helped make this dream a reality.