Isra (EP)
Released September, 2020
Genres: Alternative Rock, Indie Rock
Languages: English, Hindi
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"...then there’s music which dives unflinchingly into it all [the pandemic] and seeks to sort through and make sense of the mess. That which attempts to filter the feelings, analyze the experiences and untangle the wires of emotions we’ve found ourselves confused, confined and sometimes strangled by over the last four months. This new release from Minaxi is definitely the latter.
Sam Sumpter, Bands do Brooklyn

Why Would We Let You Be?

Isra, the 2nd EP from the The Zia Fantasy trilogy explores the dark side of human emotion. The title alludes to the "Night Journey" taken by Prophet Muhammad that brought about a physical and spritual ascension of the self.

Smile and Grace express loss whereas Intezaar is about longing for a time once held dear. B is a commentary on the current state of affairs surrounding the pandemic. The narrative arc of Isra is consummated by Listen, an atmospheric journey with empathy as the protagonist.

Track Listing

︎ Smile
︎ Grace feat. Darren LaFollette
︎ Intezaar
︎ B
︎ Listen


Smile, Intezaar and Naina written by Shrenik Ganatra.
B written by Liam Christian.
Grace written by Shrenik Ganatra and Darren LaFollette.

Recorded, Performed and Produced by Minaxi.
Mixed by Patrick Hunt.

Guitars, Bass, Vocals and Additional Instrumentation by Shrenik Ganatra and Liam Christian.
Acoustic Guitar and Bass on Grace by Darren LaFollette

Design and Creative Direction by Shrenik Ganatra.

©2020 Minaxi.
Minaxi are Shrenik Ganatra, Steve Carlin and Liam Christian.